Scale delivery with provider coverage maps

on Feb 15, 2024

What is a Provider Coverage Map?

A filterable density heatmap for merchants to visualize all historical deliveries made by providers within the Delivery Solutions network. 

What does it do?

The coverage map allows merchants to re-examine current and evaluate future providers by assessing the delivery performance of all providers within certain geographical boundaries. 

Key Features:

  • Integrate historical data, represented by order density
  • Filter and display information for individual DSPs
  • Display overlays based on specific geographical criteria, such as postal code within a designated distance range

Product Deep Dive: Provider Coverage Maps

The provider coverage map is an overlay that allows merchants and users to visualize all historical deliveries by delivery service providers (DSPs). Merchants can access a filterable heatmap to quickly and visually understand which areas Delivery Solutions' DSPs have successfully delivered to in the past. 

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Filtering the heatmap by DSP allows you to see the viability of any particular provider for a targeted area—at a glance—adding another critical layer of insight to your orchestration strategy. 

All of your DSP coverage on a single heat map

With a comprehensive heatmap visualization, you can see delivery data from currently enabled DSPs serving your customers and historical deliveries by all DSPs within the Delivery Solutions network. This data is displayed as clustered overlays representing order densities rather than specific delivery locations. 

With an easy-to-navigate map, you can customize the coverage overlay display by postal code, region, and other geographic areas, like state or country, showcasing the international reach of networked DSPs. 

Take an interactive, self-guided tour of our coverage map.`

Filtering DSPs for tailored service and endless provider integrations

To stay informed on available providers, merchants can utilize our provider coverage map to filter DSPs. With robust orchestration rules, you can set boundaries to match your configured DSPs' coverage to see from their list of available providers what the coverage is compared to the previously established pickup locations.

When your enterprise is integrated with Delivery Solutions' single API, you can access 100+ providers, varying delivery capabilities and coverage on multiple continents. As this list of networked providers increases, accessing new DSPs never comes at an additional cost. We know that your omnichannel delivery strategy will evolve, so the provider coverage map evolves with you—providing indicators for onboarding new providers. 

The provider coverage map is meant to help you choose the best providers for your unique needs. DSP coverage and efficiency are critical for customer satisfaction; historical performance can vary and impact delivery success based on geography, service type, or even merchant sector or industry.

With features like the coverage map, Delivery Solutions is committed to helping you make smarter decisions.

Pre-negotiated rates with major DSPs

In addition to our provider coverage map, Delivery Solutions offers pre-negotiated rates with seven major DSPs for rapid onboarding, utilizing exclusive rates. Combined with provider coverage maps, you get added flexibility to test how new DSPs might increase your delivery capability in certain regions.

This allows you to add more providers for orchestration without waiting to establish direct contracts with those providers. Our pre-negotiated rates can help close the gap so delivery capabilities aren't reduced during the interim. 



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