Streamlining Returns: Elevating the customer experience

on Mar 12, 2024

In the retail world, the ability to adapt and enhance the customer experience isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Prioritizing customer satisfaction can solidify brand loyalty and encourage repeat and new customers. 

The latest improvement to our product suite is designed to enhance the post-purchase journey by seamlessly connecting post-purchase communications to the returns process.

Initiate returns from the tracking page with “Start a Return”

Our hosted tracking page, a cornerstone feature providing real-time order status and delivery tracking to customers, now includes a quality-of-life addition. Customers can now initiate a return directly from this page at the click of a button. 

This means no more navigating away to a different platform, app, or webpage, searching for return options, or finding past orders from an account view to begin the returns process.


Return From Tracking Mockup-1


Why this matters

More than being a QoL improvement, this update is also a strategic enhancement that extends to your end customers; it’s a strategic enhancement to your brand’s post-purchase experience. Integrating the returns process with the tracking page will create a seamless branded journey encompassing the entire commerce cycle. Customers will experience a further simplified and frictionless returns process, increasing brand loyalty and reducing the likelihood of turning to competitors as the result of a poor returns experience.

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 2.23.46 PM

(Note: this service is only applicable if you have subscribed to Hosted Returns Configuration)

By simplifying your returns process, you’re not just solving a logistical challenge but transforming it into an opportunity for brand reinforcement and customer loyalty. The tracking page is the primary place to keep the consumer conversation going after the purchase. As more interactive or actionable features are added, it will become an even more critical tool for improving the customer experience in the future. 

With your help, we're setting a new standard for customer satisfaction in retail.


About the author

Ahmed Rosowsky

Ahmed Rosowsky, the current Product Marketing Manager at Delivery Solutions, is a highly accomplished Co-Founder with extensive experience in product marketing within the software industry. He specializes in Go-to-Market strategies, Growth Marketing, and crafting effective Marketing Strategies that drive business success. A graduate of both Rice University and King's College London, Ahmed combines a strong academic foundation with a keen understanding of market trends, always walking his own path much like the independent spirit of Tom Bombadil.


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