Revolutionizing Independent Fleet Resource Management

on Apr 9, 2024

In our ongoing quest to refine and enhance fleet operations for unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction, we are thrilled to introduce a transformative update to our Private Fleet product: independent resource management.

This is the ability to independently manage private fleet drivers and vehicles, making it possible to configure your fleet settings to match the specific attributes and traits of your fleet drivers and vehicles.

Building on the foundations laid by our previous update on route optimization, which brought remarkable improvements in planning and executing delivery routes, we're now expanding the realm of possibilities with even more granular control over your fleet's assets.

The new update focuses on the intricate orchestration of orders, considering variables such as parcel size, weight, and special requirements like perishability, ensuring that each order is matched with the optimal delivery solution. 

Advanced Orchestration and Driver-Vehicle Separation

At the heart of this update, each asset is allowed to exist as an independent entity. This level of detail extends to associating specific drivers with vehicles they are qualified to operate and vice versa, ensuring that both are available within the same operational window when needed. This flexibility allows for precise management of fleet resources, enabling businesses to swiftly adapt to unexpected changes, such as driver absences or vehicle maintenance issues, without disrupting service.

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Independent resource management can help businesses to customize their fleet operations like never before. Orders can now be filtered and assigned through detailed orchestration rules based on various attributes, including delivery provider preferences, vehicle types (compact, sedan, van, truck, etc.), and driver specifications. This ensures that each delivery is executed using the most suitable combination of driver and vehicle, optimizing efficiency and enhancing the delivery experience.

Elevating Fleet Utilization and Customer Loyalty

This update enhances fleet utilization and productivity and significantly contributes to successful deliveries, thereby boosting customer loyalty and enhancing the brand's reputation. The ability to manage drivers and vehicles independently, combined with the sophisticated orchestration of orders, allows for operational flexibility and efficiency previously unattainable. Based on rule sets, particular drivers or vehicle types can be assigned for specific customers, delivery locations, or both.

Furthermore, integrating this feature with fleet management capabilities, such as route optimization and orchestration, creates a synergistic effect. The orchestration rules can be tailored to automate workflows and define precise criteria for product type, location, and customer preferences. 

This control extends to specifying fleet assets based on capacity, travel speed, maintenance status, and other critical factors, ensuring that every delivery is as efficient and effective as possible.

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The New Standard for Private Fleet

By introducing driver-vehicle separation within fleet orchestration, we are setting a new standard for private fleet operations. This update offers unprecedented control and visibility over fleet resources, enabling businesses to optimize their delivery services, address challenges proactively, and, ultimately, deliver exceptional value to their customers. 


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