Smart Windows: Revolutionizing Retail Operations

on Apr 24, 2024

For the modern retailer, precise operations and customer experience are paramount. Managing time efficiently is not just a necessity—it's a competitive edge, especially regarding the dynamics of in-store pickups and deliveries. That's where our "Smart Windows" feature comes into play, streamlining how businesses handle their operations from the ground up.

Take our tour of the Smart Windows feature below:

The What and Why of Smart Windows

Smart Windows is a sophisticated tool designed to empower retailers by offering them control over their delivery, curbside, returns, and other operational schedules. This feature allows businesses to set specific windows for when they are available for delivery or pickup, primarily enabling better control. Picking and packing times can be added to windows to enhance that. Here's how it benefits the end user:

  1. Enhanced Time Management: With Smart Windows, retailers can define and manage their store hours and specific timings for tasks like pick-and-pack activities. This not only helps in organizing daily operations but also optimizes the workload and resources.
  2. Customized Delivery Windows: Depending on the nature of the products and customer expectations, retailers can set up tailored pickup and delivery times. Smart Windows supports diverse business needs, whether food and groceries that require ASAP delivery or non-perishable items like stationery that can be scheduled for later delivery.
  3. Cost and Capacity Control: By managing pick-and-pack lead times and capacities, retailers can effectively control operational costs and enhance service efficiency. This is crucial for maintaining profitability while meeting customer expectations.
  4. Improved Customer Experience: Customers benefit significantly as they receive clear communication about when they can pick up their purchases or expect deliveries. This transparency builds trust and improves the overall service experience.

Strategic Flexibility and Operational Excellence

Smart Windows isn't just about setting times; it's about adopting a strategic approach to daily operations. Retailers can configure these settings at various levels—the business, brand, or individual store level—providing flexibility and control across different facets of their operations. This adaptability ensures that Smart Windows can meet the unique needs of any retail business, regardless of its size or structure.

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Integration for Seamless Operations

One of the standout features of Smart Windows is its seamless integration into digital assets. Retailers can display store timings and delivery windows directly on their eCommerce site, making it easier for customers to plan their shopping activities. 

Moreover, smart windows can consider lead times from DSPs when that information is available within provider configuration to minimize delays and enhance efficiencies. 

This digital integration makes retailers feel technologically advanced and improves their operational efficiency.


As retail continues to evolve, the ability to manage time effectively in in-store operations and delivery services will distinguish leading businesses from the rest. Smart Windows offers a robust solution that meets these demands and enhances customer satisfaction through efficient, reliable service delivery. 

Whether you're looking to refine your in-store pickups, streamline your delivery processes, or improve customer communication, Smart Windows provides the tools you need to succeed in the dynamic world of retail.

In essence, Smart Windows is more than just a feature—it's your partner in redefining retail efficiency and customer satisfaction. Embrace the future of retail with Smart Windows, where every second counts towards success.

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