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Sephora Gears up for Peak Season with Same-Day Delivery

on Nov 17, 2021

Sephora, the best-in-class prestige beauty retailer, partners with Delivery Solutions, the orchestration and post-purchase experience leader, to future-proof its e-commerce fulfillment strategy. 

We’re teaming up to bring same-day delivery to Sephora's clients just in time for the peak shopping season. Delivery Solutions has been at the forefront of same-day delivery technology, and now we’re lending their expertise to enhance Sephora's customer experience. This means that Sephora's clients across the U.S. and Canada can enjoy the convenience of getting their beauty essentials delivered on the same day they order them.

Manil Uppal, founder of Delivery Solutions, highlighted the importance of this partnership in boosting Sephora's competitive edge and maintaining its position as a retail innovator in the beauty industry. 

“Sephora’s absolute dedication to customer-centricity is what makes it one of the biggest beauty retailers in fulfillment. With our expertise in enabling same-day delivery across all verticals of retail, we’re helping Sephora gain an even bigger competitive edge and maintain its position as the beauty industry’s leading retail innovator. We are proud that our partnership helps Sephora implement an omnichannel strategy that is both scalable and sustainable. Delivery Solutions’ future-proof e-commerce business model is the key to avoiding constant re-platforming, reducing overall tech debt and inefficiencies, and setting businesses up for continued success as they grow and evolve. We remain committed to preparing for and solving the challenges of accelerated delivery for leading, forward-thinking customers like Sephora.”

Sree Sreedhararaj, Chief Technology Officer for Sephora Americas, emphasized the focus on delivering a seamless experience to clients. 

“At Sephora, our priority is to deliver a seamless experience to all of our clients, and this partnership with Delivery Solutions was the natural next step in the evolution of maximizing efficiencies in the purchasing power of our shoppers. With the ease and strength of Delivery Solutions’ ecosystem, Sephora can look forward to expanding our reach and new client acquisition, while continuing to service our existing clients with a more streamlined way to receive their beauty essentials the same day they need them.”

Now, Sephora has access to a range of top-notch delivery providers, allowing them to optimize their delivery capabilities and serve their clients even better. As customers increasingly seek instant delivery options, Delivery Solutions is at the forefront, providing a comprehensive solution from browsing to post-purchase tracking and communication.

Learn more about how we’re revolutionizing same-day delivery here.

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