How Businesses Are Preventing Loss and Saving Money with Storage Lockers

on Dec 20, 2023

For consumers, waiting for packages can be stressful. They might be wondering, “When will it be delivered? Will I be home?” 

Fear can rush in if they expect a package but arrive home only for it nowhere to be found. Was it misplaced, delivered to the wrong house, or worse — stolen?

Businesses hate this, too, due to the rising costs of stolen packages. 

That’s why so many are offering customers the ability to deliver their packages to access points or storage lockers around the city.

In this post, I’ll cover how businesses leverage storage lockers and access points in a buy online, pickup anywhere (BOPA) delivery model.

Before we dive in, let’s define buy online pickup anywhere (BOPA) to understand precisely how it works.

What is BOPA, and how does it work? 

Buy online pickup anywhere (BOPA) is a delivery method where the customer makes a purchase and then selects various lockers or access points around their city to pick up their package.

This option is popular with customers for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, BOPA delivery gives consumers more power and control over the delivery process.

It eliminates the uncertainty of where and when a package will be delivered and, instead, provides the customer with transparency over its current status.

Plus, the package will be safely stored until the customer can retrieve it — on their schedule.

Person buying a product on a computer and picking it up in town

For businesses, it can be a lucrative delivery option to offer as well. 

First, customers are asking for it. Over 18% of consumers choose BOPA over traditional residential delivery.

Second, it eliminates incurred costs from lost packages due to theft and driver error. 

Implementing the right storage parts in the right areas can increase customer satisfaction and drive repeat purchases.

How BOPA works in 4 steps

BOPA is a simple process that could be valuable for any customer. 

There are only four critical steps to the process: buy a product, select your access point, head to it, and scan a barcode to get your package.

1. Buy a product

You’d first buy a product online. However, it would need to be a product that would work well with a BOPA model. 

Some lockers and access points have set sizes, so oversized items may not fit. 

Additionally, not all lockers are temperature-controlled, meaning food deliveries might not be applicable.

Non-perishable items that aren’t too big are perfect options for storage lockers. 

Often, lockers can be configured to have multiple sizes at one location, providing various packages that could potentially be stored at the access point.

2. Select your access point

At checkout, you’ll have the option to select your delivery method for applicable items.

For items that have BOPA enabled, you can select the access point most convenient for you. Most businesses will offer multiple access points around the city in various locations.

Often, there will be an interactive map to see exactly where each is located. It is essential to make this as intuitive as possible so you don’t lose out on the sale.

Once selected, you can proceed with the checkout process.

3. Head to the access point

Once the item is out for delivery and safely lands at the access point, you will be notified by text or email.

Upon receiving this notification, you will have enough time to head to the access point to pick up the item.

4. Scan a barcode to get your package

Once at the locker or access point, you can scan the barcode or type in a unique code to retrieve your package.

As the code is submitted or the barcode is scanned successfully, the locker will unlock, revealing your package. 

At times, the locker will disengage but remain stuck. Most lockers have a built-in support number to call if this happens. 

Remote specialists can locate your package and attempt to release the door again to resolve the issue. This is only in rare instances, as most lockers operate without issue.

Let’s take a closer look at the different equipment and interfaces enterprise businesses need to implement to have a successful 

The mechanics of BOPA for enterprise businesses: Storage lockers, access points, and partnerships

For some businesses, implementing BOPA might feel daunting.

Adding lockers? Establishing partnerships with local businesses for pickup points? Having an interface that will connect them all? Where should they even begin?

Start with the lockers and access points available around the city in high-traffic areas.

BOPA only works if the business has multiple access points around the city for its customers. These access points are often lockers or businesses where they can pick up their purchases.

Storage lockers can be at various places around town, including outside convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and more.

Photo of convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores

As a business, you should learn more about your customers’ demographics, geographics, and preferences when installing access points and storage lockers.

You’d want to make sure they are in neighborhoods and areas that your customers frequent. 

Investing and installing a storage locker in an inconvenient location will not have the return on investment you are looking for since it will be underutilized.

Additionally, another way to stretch your investment is to utilize the lockers as a pick up drop off (PUDO location).

Enabling pick up drop off (PUDO) with storage lockers

Pick up drop off accounts for the two-way use of storage lockers.

Although many people use storage lockers to pick up their packages, you can also reconfigure the system to allow people to drop off items to trigger a return.

How does this work?

Often, the customer will fill out a form online or initiate a return via the web after logging into their account with the store. 

They will select the item they wish to return and print off a return label to include in the shipment.

Then, customers can drop their returns off at a locker and secure them. A courier can take them from the locker back to the facility.

The versatility of the lockers makes them a necessary hardware component to enable (and offer) the PUDO process for customers.

Why are storage lockers and access points essential?

The world is changing, and storage lockers and access points are now essential for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Storage lockers have numerous advantages. They are secure, convenient, accessible, and cost-effective.

Collage showing benefits of storage lockers

Let’s take a look at each one of these benefits in greater detail.

1. Secure

Not all customers are lucky enough to have a doorman or live in a gated community. 

However, with a storage locker, the package will be locked up to prevent tampering. No one, except for the original buyer, will interact with it. 

This is a massive benefit compared to traditional home delivery methods that expose packages to weather and potential driver errors. 

2. Convenient

Packages are left in storage lockers and access points, often in convenient parts of town. 

In some instances, the customer may be able to pick up their package near a gas station, supermarket, park, or library that they already frequent.

A quick pickup won’t take much time out of their day and positions them well to continue with their next task after completion.

3. Accessible

Unlike buying online and picking up in a store, storage lockers can often be accessed 24/7. You won’t have to worry about specific hours for direct access.

Instead, you can pick up your package on your schedule when it best suits you.

4. Cost-effective

Although it will cost money to install the lockers initially, you will save money in the long run.

Lockers prevent post-shipping and post-delivery loss due to theft, fraud, driver error, weather, etc.

Thief stealing packages impacting company's bottom line

With packages placed securely in a locker, thieves and weather elements will not be able to steal or damage the goods.

Thus, post-delivery loss will decrease, with the consumer having a higher chance of receiving their package.

Collectively, all of these benefits make storage lockers and access points for BOPA a smart initiative for businesses looking to prevent loss, increase customer satisfaction, and save money.


Storage lockers and access points are an investment that will pay off for your business.

The BOPA capabilities will save your company money in the long run by decreasing post-shipping and post-delivery loss, which could occur when deliveries aren’t secure.

By offering BOPA for your customers, you will increase the value you’re providing while giving them peace of mind and greater control over their shipments.

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