Roadie: A Delivery Provider Spotlight

on Jun 4, 2024

Delivery Solution’s orchestration feature allows retailers to define and implement flexible business rules. You can tailor the customer journey at every touchpoint by customizing workflows, automating processes, and defining rules based on product type, location, customer preferences, and more.

As part of our omnichannel ecosystem, we partner with a variety of delivery solutions, including platforms, delivery service providers (DSPs), and traditional carriers. One of these solutions, Roadie, is invaluable in diversifying and adding strength to merchants’ operations, allowing you to deliver exceptional customer experiences by offering same and next-day local delivery for a range of products–whether small, large, bulky, oversized, or even perishable.

Meet Roadie

Roadie, a UPS Company, is a logistics management and crowdsourced delivery platform that enables retailers to offer local same- and next-day delivery as rapidly as two hours. The Roadie network of over 200,000 independent drivers provides coverage for local delivery to 97% of U.S. households–the largest local same-day delivery footprint in the nation. 

Extending the reach of same-day delivery

When it comes to a last-mile delivery solution, Roadie sets itself apart. With a nationwide network of independent, on-demand drivers, Roadie allows you to offer 2-hour, same-day, and next-day local delivery for almost any item, anytime, anywhere. 

One of Roadie’s unique features is the flexibility it gives retailers to deliver beyond the typical 12 to 15-mile radius around storefronts. While other solutions operate only in dense urban centers with tight radii, Roadie allows you to reach customers up to 100 miles from pickup locations, a significant advantage over the other same-day delivery platforms.

Delivery Solutions customers who require extended mileage can use the Roadie platform to reach customers in all 50 states, whether they live in major metros or the smaller cities and towns in between. The result? A more consistent and superior brand experience for more customers regardless of the delivery range.

Excellent delivery experiences, even for big and bulky

By integrating Roadie as an option within your omnichannel orchestration, even your large or oversized items can reach consumers same-day easily and conveniently. This is generally a significant benefit for most merchants, as many same-day delivery programs do not include all SKUs, especially bigger items. 

Another unique feature, RoadieXL™, is the company’s solution for big and bulky deliveries, making large item delivery faster, more efficient, and easier for your customers. Drivers in the Roadie network have a variety of vehicle types and sizes, including pickup trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks that can easily handle large items. With RoadieXL™ you can accommodate items for same-day delivery that would normally require shipping on LTL carriers or that DSPs cannot traditionally deal with successfully. 

The ability to move large items same-day is particularly invaluable to retailers in the automotive parts, construction, and big box sectors and Roadie has carved out a reputation as an innovative and flexible delivery solution for these specialized industries.

Roadie Strengthens Your Same-Day Portfolio with Delivery Solutions

For Delivery Solutions customers using our orchestration platform, adding Roadie into your delivery solutions mix unlocks many potential benefits, including increasing your delivery radius and the ability to expand the SKUs offered in your same-day delivery program to include big and bulky items. 

Customers located outside the traditional local delivery range of your store won't need to shop elsewhere—adding to individual store revenue and increasing brand loyalty. Same-day delivery of products that would otherwise have taken days or weeks to arrive is now possible—reducing cart abandonment. For merchants who focus on products that are big and bulky, Roadie unlocks another delivery option so you can set yourself apart from the competition—delivering the purchasing experience for these products that consumers already expect for smaller items.

As Marc Gorlin, founder and CEO of Roadie, said in Roadie’s latest research survey, "Same-day delivery isn't just a competitive advantage... retailers have to offer a menu of delivery options to let the customer choose when and how they want their purchase, every time they buy."

Learn more about Roadie here or schedule a demo with us to learn how you can use our same-day Delivery product to access Roadie and add the ability to orchestrate the last mile for your long-distance and big and bulky deliveries.

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